Some Bloomin' Barn Studio Paintings

 Margaret; We have installed the painting and are so pleased. The happiness of the painting literally invades the dining area and makes us smile when we look at it, which is most of the time. Thank you for this gorgeous ray of sunshine in our home! Judith

'After the storm we spread a picnic blanket and lay among the unbending flowers. And it occurred to us that our meadow was one square in a tapestry of colour
that cloaked the sierra.  And the two of us were woven into its verdant heart.
Yet nothing could be so alive or so vivid as my eyes blue and your lips red.'


Writer Neil Baker about my painting entitled “Ditch Divas”



From 26 Atlantic Crossings, an International Project linking 26 Prince Edward County Studio Tour artists with 26 British writers for a visual expression of original art and the written word.

71 Consecon Street,
Wellington, Ontario K0K 3L0